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ELEGOO, a dynamic 3D printing company, has been making waves in the industry with its high-quality, affordable resin-based printers. Founded in China, ELEGOO has successfully carved out a niche in the market by catering to a diverse audience, from hobbyists to professionals. 

Among their stellar product range, three standout models have garnered particular praise: the ELEGOO Mars, an entry-level UV Photocuring LCD 3D printer known for its ease of use and impressive print quality; the ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro, an upgraded version featuring a monochrome LCD for faster printing and a larger build volume; and the ELEGOO Saturn 2, a large resin 3D printer designed for more ambitious projects requiring higher resolution and precision. 

As ELEGOO continues to innovate and refine its offerings, the company solidifies its place as a formidable contender in the competitive 3D printing arena.

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3D Printers by ELEGOO

ELEGOO 8K Grey Resin

Elegoo’s 8K gray resin has delivered some of the most visually stunning resin 3D prints we’ve ever seen. The resin’s remarkable ability to capture intricate

ELEGOO Saturn 3 Resin 3D Printer

If you’re looking for an affordable and fuss-free mid-size resin 3D printer that offers the best XY resolution today, then the Elegoo Saturn 3 should

Elegoo Saturn 2 3D Printer

In 2020, Elegoo blew open the medium format resin 3D printer market with its Elegoo Saturn printer. Combining at the time new LCD technology, a

Elegoo Mars 3 3D Printer

The Elegoo Mars 3 is Elegoo’s latest entry into its extremely successful Mars line of resin 3D printers. The new, extremely resolution 4K LCD display

Elegoo Saturn 3D Printer

Until the Elegoo Saturn arrived on the market, medium to large resin 3D prints were out of reach for most hobbyists due to their high

Elegoo Mars Pro 3D Printer

The Elegoo Mars Pro is often the most recommended small form factor resin printer for beginners and for good reason. Boasting top tier print quality

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro 3D Printer

The Elegoo Mars 2 Pro is the latest in Elegoo’s Mars line of small form factor resin 3D printers. Typical with all resin 3D printers

Real Talk

Our Evaluation of ELEGOO Brand

Founded: 2015
Location: Shenzhen, China
Website: www.elegoo.com
Printer Models: 3
Printer Types: Resin

About ELEGOO Brand

ELE comes from the word electronic, which means open-source electronic. GOO comes from the word googol, meaning the 100th power of 10. The written form is 1 followed by 100 zeros, referring to the huge amount of structural models brought by 3D printers. Elegoo implies the combination of open-source electronics and structures that creates everything.

The Bottom Line

ELEGOO is a leading company specializing in the research, development, and production of 3D printers. It is a 3D printer company with the steadfast goal of making quality 3D printers at affordable prices.


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