Paul Chow

Paul’s been prop making since 2012 and has garnered an extensive experience in woodworking, CNC machining, 3D modelling and printing experience. 

Getting his first 3D printer in 2016, he dove deep into the world of 3D printer building, repair, upgrading and tinkering. 

He has built, tested and upgraded dozens of printers ranging from large & small, resin or FDM and ready to print fully custom builds. 

Currently, his newest project includes a 1200mm x 300mm build volume printer designed by him with the purpose of printing out large-scale props in one piece.

Articles by Paul Chow

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The K1 model is Creality’s response to the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon. With a similar design, a high-speed CoreXY motion system, and a range of

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The Anycubic Photon M3 Max positions itself as the most affordable way to get into large-format resin 3D printing.

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Sunlu Water-Washable Resin

Discover Sunlu Water-Washable Grey Resin: a game-changer in 3D printing. Streamline cleanup with water, reduce costs, and enjoy premium quality. Dive deep into Sunlu’s innovative


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