Resin Reviews

We are obsessed with finding the best quality Resin products for our own prints and hence, here are first-hand, unbiased, totally honest reviews of various Resin brands. Hope you find them helpful!

ELEGOO 8K Grey Resin

Elegoo’s 8K gray resin has delivered some of the most visually stunning resin 3D prints we’ve ever seen. The resin’s remarkable ability to capture intricate

Sunlu Water-Washable Resin

Discover Sunlu Water-Washable Grey Resin: a game-changer in 3D printing. Streamline cleanup with water, reduce costs, and enjoy premium quality. Dive deep into Sunlu’s innovative

Sunlu ABS-Like Resin

Discover Sunlu’s ABS-Like Black Resin: a perfect blend of print quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Ideal for tabletop gamers, it ensures detailed prints and robustness for

Sunlu High Toughness Resin

Sunlu’s high toughness gray resin really lived up to its name with extreme toughness and flexibility. It withstood our durability and flexibility tests admirably, all

Sunlu Standard Resin

Experience the Sunlu Standard Grey Resin: an affordable solution offering exceptional print quality for MSLA 3D printers. While it excels in detail reproduction, users should


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