Peeling or release mechanism

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In resin 3D printing, such as with SLA, DLP, or LCD printers, the peeling or release mechanism is a tool that helps remove the new solid layer from the build surface or the bottom of the resin container. This step is vital for maintaining the quality of the print and avoiding mistakes during printing.

In the middle of the printing process, a light source hardens the resin to form a solid layer of the object. After this, the build platform moves up to let new resin flow underneath, getting ready for the creation of the next layer. 

This new solid layer sometimes sticks to the build platform or the bottom of the resin container because of sticky forces between the materials. This is where the peeling or release mechanism comes in—it ensures the solid layer comes off easily so the printing can keep going.

There are different kinds of peeling or release mechanisms users might come across in resin 3D printers:

  1. Tilt mechanism: This method involves tilting the resin container or building platform slightly once each layer is formed. This tilt helps the solid layer to unstick from the bottom. This tilting can be done in different ways, including using hinges or motor-driven setups.
  2. Flexible vat bottom: Some printers have a resin container with a flexible bottom made from materials like silicone or FEP film. After a layer is formed, the build platform moves up, causing the flexible bottom to change shape a little, helping to unstick the solid layer.
  3. Z-axis lift and repositioning: Here, the build platform moves up a bit more than just the height of one layer and then moves down to the right height for the next layer. This extra motion helps the solid layer to come off the bottom.

Users must look after the peeling or release mechanism to keep the printer working well. This means checking it regularly for any signs of wear or damage, keeping the bottom of the vat clean, and making sure the settings are just right for the job.


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